IPT Announces 25 Qualifier Tournaments for 2006 Season


The International Pool Tour has announced that it will hold 25 additional tournaments to win a spot in the 2006 IPT North American 8-Ball Open Championship on July 22-30 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev.

Five qualifiers will be held every weekend, starting May 26-28 and ending June 23-25, in locations ranging from Australia to Akron, Ohio. For an updated schedule, visit www.internationalpooltour.com.

Entry into IPT Qualification Tournaments is $1,000, with the option to enter for a $500 fee, by which the player will be eligible for only half of the full prize payout earned. The third through sixth-place contestants who paid the $1,000 entry fee will earn a free entry into another qualifying tournament of their choice. Each tournament will be a double-elimination, race-to-10 format.

Online registration is the only way to enter these events and the form is on the aforementioned IPT Web site.

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