Behrman Nabbed In Raid


behrmanTroubles continue for U.S Open promoter Barry Behrman following the mid-tournament prize-fund reduction at the 2001 U.S. Open in September and slow payment of prize monies from the Masters tournament.

Behrman was one of 60 people cited in a raid on a home in Chesapeake, Va., Sunday by police and Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control agents following a four-month investigation.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that the allegations stemming from the raid include illegal gambling, selling alcohol illegally, purchasing alcohol illegally, possession of marijuana, and possession of cocaine.

Becky Gettings, director of public affairs for the ABC confirmed that Behrman was among those cited and that “the charges are numerous and include some felony charges relating to the gambling and the amount of money invloved.”

Behrman was not detained and will face a grand jury on the charges, Gettings said. Behrman could not be reached for comment.

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