Behrman Free To Oversee U.S. Open


IT’S UNLIKELY that the Chesapeake Convention Center, site of the upcoming U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship, will ever look better to pool promoter Barry Behrman than it will look when the 28th running of American pool’s premier tournament kicks off next Monday, Sept. 15th.

Behrman, who has spent the past 58 days in a Chesapeake, Va., jail for a probation violation, received a two-week release today at a bond hearing before Circuit Court Judge Bruce H. Kushner. Judge Kushner released Behrman to allow the 57-year-old owner of Q-Master Billiards to run his annual tournament. Judge Kushner also mandated that Behrman return to prison by 6 p.m. on Sept. 22, the day after the U.S. Open is completed, where he will remain until his Oct. 10 trial date. Behrman, who was released on a $3,000 surety bond, will still have to report to his probation officer daily.

Behrman was convicted in 2002 of a pair of felonies stemming from illegal gambling parties at his Chesapeake home. He was jailed in July following his second probation violation, and could face as much as a six-year prison senctence. With his trial continued from its original Sept. 8 date to Oct. 10, Behrman’s attornies sought a bond hearing in an effort to gain his release in time for the Open.

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